Grimes IA with a 50111 and 50323 zip code is the growing town north of DesMoines that a lot of Des Moines’ites envy. And maybe for a good reason. It’s a crisp little berg in Dallas County and Polk County Iowa that takes pride in how they look. They don’t mind having quality home remodeling contractors fixing up their homes along the way. Their not daunted by being dwarfed by their neighboring DesMoines neighbors. They just make sure they keep their own place neat and clean because that’s what it takes to be the envy of DesMoines. When we come into town to do a job, we keep a clean job so that the rest of the neighborhood doesn’t mind having some best bathroom renovation company Grimes around.

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As long as the Grimes people keep their town looking sharp they’ll have no problems selling when they need to because there’ll definitely be someone from DesMoines that’s ready to plop down whatever it takes to be able to move up to Grimes.

We’ve done work there in Grimes IA, zip code 50105. It’s on the south corner of our service area. But we like the Grimes Iowa area because the people take pride in their places. It’s fun to work for people that enjoy their home and don’t mind fixing it up. In addition to Grimes, we work in the neighboring towns of Huxley, Slater and Boone and as close as Ankeny and Woodward

Please give us a call if you might be looking for sunroom addition contractors or local contractors for bathroom remodel to upgrade to your home. As home remodeling contractors we know what it takes to do an addition project the right way. The customers we’ve done work for will be glad to tell you how it went when we were there doing their project. Call us! 515-669-4614