Woodward Ia with the 50276 zip code actually sets in Dallas County but our location north of Woodward is situated in Boone County Iowa.

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Woodward recently received a boost on the map with it being the west side town of the High Trestle Train bridge going across the Des Moines river. If you are in the area and looking for a nice trip, hike, bike ride to take this one is a must. Woodward has a real nice area for parking and to start out the trip. It’s probably a little over a mile of trail to the actual bridge, but once you get there it’s pretty cool. It’s also nice to read the history of the bridge and surrounding coal mining history.

That trail was built on the old railroad line going west to Perry and I believe Woodward is the high point on that railroad line. Woodward also has a lot of coal mining history surrounding it. There’s several little spots on the map around Woodward that aren’t there any more or it’s just a few houses clustered together where there was once an under ground mine. Also you can go into the land along the river breaks and with an observant eye (an old timers eye) you can pick out where some of the individual coal miner once were.

That was a long time ago and now Woodward with zip code 50276 is one of those town struggling to keep up with the times. I don’t know if it’s actually losing population but it doesn’t seem it’s a growing concern either. The people that live here like that it stays a small town atmosphere. Also we work in Woodward along with the neighboring towns of Madrid, Boone and Slater and as close as Ames and Ankeny

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