Our location is in Boone County Iowa and probably half of our work is on Boone County IA homes. We like the kind of people we run into here in this county. It’s definitely a farming county and over the years we’ve done a lot of work for different farmers who prefer the best remodeler Boone County. I like it how the farmers in this area keep their places up. It’s no small chore. Yet they are willing to spend the money needed to keep their places looking nice.

A home remodeling company in Boone County Iowa, Addition Doctors sticks with these manageable residential remodeling contractors list of work areas; hiring a remodel contractor, professional bathroom renovations, bathroom remodeler, garage contractor and sunroom addition contractors.

It’s nice to be able to work in the county you live in. It makes you want to do a job as if it’s your own place. Because we’re driving by some of the places we work on, we enjoy admiring the upgraded house over there even if we happened to be the ones that did the work. There’s definitely a lot of nice places built around Boone County just as there’s a lot of old stately homes that have been preserved and kept up for the owners to enjoy. We don’t mind being a part of this renovation process. In addition, we work in the neighboring Boone County Iowa towns of Boone, Ogden and Madrid and as close as Gilbert and Story County Iowa

Please don’t be afraid to give us a call if you’re thinking of doing some sort of project on your place. As residential home improvement contractors, we'd be glad to come by and hear out what you have in mind. Call Us 515-669-4614